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New Route Announced for 2024! The Agglestone and South Harbour

We're excited to announce a fantastic new route for the 2024 season!

Purbeck Safari are privileged to now be able to take guests across the wild and beautiful Godlingston Heath which rises from the shores of Poole Harbour, North of Studland beach, to the heights above Studland village. It is a wild landscape of heaths and peat mires, home not only to a diverse and in many cases, rare fauna and flora but also to the enormous relic sandstone boulder 'The Agglestone', which sits high on the sloping heathland.

This is a wonderful opportunity to access a wild part of Purbeck and to see up close, how the land is being managed (here by the National Trust) to facilitate species, habitat and peatland recovery.

Visit our Safaris page for more info on this great new route!

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